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Colin and I were going away with my family for Christmas and New Years to Mexico, but even before we left he said that since we were going away we should do something special one night, just the two of us. This seemed pretty logical considering we were in a romantic destination, but were supposed to be spending time with our family! On our second night there Colin told me to get dressed up because we were going on our special night-just the two of us! He wouldn\'t tell me what we were doing, which also wasn\'t out of the ordinary because he loves doing special little things for me, because he knows just how much I love it! So we walked along the sandy beach at sunset all the way to the marina. I was shocked at this point to see a chartered boat waiting there for us. The boat took us all the way across the bay to a part of shore that had absolutely no electricity. Coming across the water all you could see were hundreds of tiki torches and candles. We got off the boat and were shown up the path to the ampitheatre, which was constructed entirely out of the tree canopy. We watched an unbelievable show by Cirque du Soleil with only maybe 40-50 other guests. After the show we walked back down the path to where we would be having dinner. Even though we were shown to a table on one of the highest cliff ledges along the shore, Colin snuck us all the way down to the beach. Because we were away from the top, there were maybe only 2 or 3 tiki torches lighting up the beach. It was also completely deserted, with only one other couple way down the beach. This truly was the most beautiful and romantic place I have ever seen in my entire life. I still can\'t believe I could have been so naive not to see a proposal coming, but I really didn\'t! Colin is the most amazing man, he is thoughtful, kind, romantic and selfless. He began to talk about what an amazing year we had, we bought our very first home, purchased our puppy Caesar and took our first trip to Europe together. As the waves were crashing at our feet he told me that the only thing he was missing was having me as my wife. I buried my head in my hands in tears for what felt like forever, that he wasn\'t even able to get the ring on my finger. I love thinking about the way Colin proposed because it was just so us--it was private, romantic, sincere and so filled with love and joy, but I still can\'t believe that I am the luckiest girl in the world by becoming Mrs. Colin Gray!

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